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Tips To Ask Your Realtor When Purchasing A Home In Okoboji

Buying a home is probably one of the biggest financial decisions that you will ever make in your lifetime, so it’s always recommended that you make sure that you have all the information you need before making that all-important purchase. Here are some tips to ask your Realtor when purchasing a home in Okoboji:


The Okoboji area in the Iowa Great Lakes region is one of the Midwest’s most popular vacation destinations, boasting beautiful lakes that extend across thousands of acres. Formed when the glaciers that used to cover the area retreated, the lakes are undeniably Okoboji’s main attractions, and provide the highlight of the region’s spectacular natural setting.

With Okoboji bordered by West Lake Okoboji on one side and East Lake Okoboji on the other, most Okoboji homes tend to have beautiful lakefront views that certainly add to their value. If you prefer to live in a place surrounded by calming lake views, it’s best to ask your Realtor about homes along the shoreline that provide scenic views. While not all homes that are available may have lakefront locations, chances are that your Realtor will be able to find you properties that are no more than a few minutes away from the water.


One thing that will be of immediate concern to those relocating to Okoboji is the type of neighborhood that you will move into. The welcoming atmosphere of Okoboji communities will certainly put your mind at ease, but you can always request for detailed neighborhood profiles so you can decide which area is best for your needs.

The neighborhood profiles from your Realtor will give you more insight and information on these communities, as well as provide you with a clearer idea on the area you will be living in plus other factors, like how far it is to your place of work, if there is ample privacy, are the noise levels high in the immediate vicinity, and so on.


An important part of buying a house and relocating to a different area is knowing beforehand if there are amenities and service providers present. If you are raising a growing family, schools are vital, along with recreational facilities like shopping malls, dining establishments, cinemas, and sports centers. Public transportation routes are also important, as well as parks and open spaces that highlight the area’s natural setting. Okoboji Realtors who are long-time residents should be highly familiar and knowledgeable on the services available in the area, and they can guide you to where you can find these providers, such as banks, utilities, and other businesses.


Of course, the most important part of your purchase is the actual home itself, and you should tell your Realtor about everything you want in a home, like how many rooms you need or other options such as air-conditioning, swimming pool, a large garage or spacious backyard. Since this is Okoboji, you might have a boat, so you will want convenient access to a private dock or harbor.

If you’ve already found the house you want, request for a detailed property history if possible. Careful inspection and assessment of the property should be done with your Realtor, and be prepared to ask the most important questions about the house, like how old is it, and whether there have been any major repairs or renovations done. You should also ask if the roof has had any problems since it was constructed or if there have been any issues with pests and vermin. Your Realtor can also tell you if the house is wired for phone, cable, and Internet connections, as well as provide estimates on the monthly utility bills.

If you need more details or additional tips to ask your Realtor when purchasing a home in Okoboji, contact Jim and Michael Jensen of the Jensen Team today; they’ll be more than happy to help.